Encouragement found on two fronts

I had two friends from Edmonton come visit on Friday. It was a great time catching up with Crystal & Ana. I find it very encouraging when long distance friends hang out and it feels like no time has passed. Plus, as an additional bonus to hanging out with friends, I did not get us killed driving to and around Seattle. (though there may have been some close calls)

Today is one of the last days in August and with that comes ….my new issue of RELEVANT. This is only the second issue of the magazine I have received and I absolutely love it. You can check out their website by clicking on the relevant link located on the sidebar of my blog.

So Encouraging that “the church” is growing around the world and in new and unique ways! If you have not heard, there is are some neat things happening in the “twentysomething” generation having to do with church. Mars Hill (a church in MI) founder Rob Bell states in this issue that the bottom line issue concerning church is “whether or not people’s lives are being transformed, and that happens in all sorts of interesting ways. I think the Church has always been strongest when she was at the margins of society, loving the people and not getting credit. No scorecard.” (pg. 35, Sept/Oct 2005) I like the idea of no scorecard. Another way for saying mercy & grace

The idea that it is ok if a middle class, suburbia, family oriented church is not your cup of tea or that there may be other, better for you, options out there really appeals to me. A definite benefit of a postmodern world.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Debra,Thanks for the insite. I found it all very interesting and I liked your link to the magazine.SRB

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