Sometimes I wish I could listen to more than one song at once. I hear there is a new trend in radio, “Mash” mixing two very different songs & playing them together. Supposedly, they sound really good. I have only heard one. The two songs playing at the same time did actually sound good together.

Anyway there are so many good songs/cds out there, it kind of drives me crazy that I can only enjoy one at a time. I just got a new Riley Armstrong cd “Whatever the Weather” as well as Christ Tomblin’s “Arriving”. BUT, I also just made a really great Jazz mix cd with some free downloads I got. A little bit of Michael Buble, Norah Jones, Judy Garland, Graham Peters’ Trio, etc… I can’t decide which cd to play!

Add to that, the new Switchfoot CD comes out in just 14 days. Then to top all of this off, I have pulled out some oldies, but goodies (Dale Nikkel /Delirious “Mezamorphosis”/ Switchfoot “Beautiful Letdown” / DC Talk “Supernatural” / Starfield/Michael Tate) in my Car cdplayer. Too many good tunes, not enough time.

For the moment, I have settled for Riley Armstrong.



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2 responses to “Music

  1. Mitchell Scott

    Colorado is great. I also cannot wait for the new Switchfoot cd. I downloaded the pre-release track on iTunes, it is awesome!

  2. Deb

    Yeah, I down loaded it too! (Actually I have heard most of the album already, gave me a streaming audio of it.Has school started yet in Colorado?

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