Whatever the Weather

As Labor Day weekend begins, I can’t help but do what I have done for the last 5 days. Sit and watch the horrific and unbelievable pictures from New Orleans.

My roomie & I are kind of nuts about the weather. We often just leave the weather channel on if there is nothing good on TV. We keep our key on whatever storm is heading to our area, or somewhere in the country. (or the world for that matter)

Before Hurricane Katrina hit, we had our eyes on it too. When it was headed to south Florida , my uncle’s hometown, Vero Beach, was the northern most point for the Hurricane watch. When Katrina passed Florida it was very weak and only caught the southern tip of the state

My roommate & I had several conversations about how “New Orleans was going to get blasted” & “Those people better get out now” & “Whoever decided to build a city below sea level surrounded by water on 3 sides anyway”. BUT we too were completely shocked and saddened when the unimaginable occurred. Just when it looked like they were out of the woods, everything went wrong.

If you have some extra dollars, click here

, to donate to the American Red Cross.

And as a now unimportant side note, the city was sea level when it was first built. It has since sunk.



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3 responses to “Whatever the Weather

  1. Crystal

    We have been watching Katrina up here too. The amount of destruction is mind boggling. I heard on 20/20 that this is the most destructive storm since 1900 when a hurricane wiped out Galveston, Texas. Side note: I thought hurricanes were always named after boys…when did we start naming them after girls? And who names them?

  2. Deb

    I think they create a list of names way in advance. The list is alphabetical and I think it goes boy, girl, boy, girl. ie. Last year there was “charlie” and “franicis” & “Irene” Not sure when this started.

  3. sauerkraut81

    Actually, hurricanes were almost always given female names. (I think it was one of those nautical things, like ships.) But they started running out of names, so male names seemed a better choice.

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