Highest Court in the Land

Wow, Looks like this just broke on the news wire “dateline Arlington, Chief Just Rehnquist dies from cancer” Not that surprising I guess, as he has been pretty ill for the last year.

Looks like the President will have the opportunity to nominate two people to the Supreme Court. I have to admit, I like Roberts. I really appreciate the fact that he seems to be a very intelligent, scholarly person. A deep thinker. It will be interesting to see who will be the next nominee.

The court is not in session for another 4 months, but I wonder what happens if there is still a vacant seat.

(While I type, I am eating Jelly Bellies. Usually I LOVE them, but it seems that I keep getting some awful flavored ones. For a moment I thought I might be eating Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans.)

In other news, I find my self sitting here at 11:16 pm really wanting to go to bed, but I just remembered that I am staying up to finish the laundry. Too bad it has been at least an hour and 1/2 since I last checked the laundry. As I sat here staying awake, I completely forgot the entire reason I was still up. Oh well, at least I have now put the last load in the dryer and can go to sleep. So what if my darks are all wrinkly in the morning 🙂


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  1. Chuck

    Down with unwrinkled darks!

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