Batteries Hate Me!!

Ok, this last week was the week of the bad batteries.

First on Thursday morning, I was awoken about 5 am or so by a beeping smoke detector. This was the second time that morning it started beeping. I guess I slept through the first time, but my roomie woke up and shook the battery. We knew it was beeping once a minute because the battery needed to be changed, but we did not own any 9 volts. She shook it the second time and it stopped for a half hour or so. But it beeped a third time. I got up (this time my roomie slept through the beeping).

I spent over 10 minutes trying to get it to stop with no success. I think there must be a way to stop it, but we were both worried that we would set off all of the ones in the building. I went back to bed and tried to ignore it for an hour or so. Leaving for work that morning was great just to get away from the beeping. We got new batteries & it solved the problem.

I think I might have an issue with my new ipod’s battery, I was under the impression from the apple store that once the battery is fully charged, it should last for about 10-15 hours. so far, I have not had such luck.

Finally, last night I was leaving to go play Bunko, and my car would not start!!! I figured it was the battery because it had started rough the last few days. I talked to some people at church this morning and someone from church was kind enough to come over this afternoon and jump the car. It started up, we ran it over to sears, and Yeah, bad battery. PRAISE the LORD that that was the only problem. The starter, alternator, and electrical system all checked out fine.

Well, that was two bad batteries and one potential bad battery in one week. Maybe it is me? Is it possible to have a unique electrical magnetic makeup and kill batteries? I tend to get “shocked” more often and harder than anyone I know too. (one time my pinkie was shocked so hard I felt it up my arm and even in my heart) Either way, I think I will stay indoors during thunder storms.


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2 responses to “Batteries Hate Me!!

  1. Mitchell Scott

    What the Apple Store doesn’t tell you is that you will only get 10-15 hours of battery life if you have the EQ off, and do not skip any songs or change them.

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