Good thing…

In regards to the fact that batteries don’t really like me: I was thinking today “good thing I don’t have a pacemaker.”


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3 responses to “Good thing…

  1. Crystal

    yeah, that’s definitely a good thing…you would have to carry little booster cables in your pocket in case of emergencies :)Speaking of shocks I do remember you being very “shocking” like when we were running back and forth in Schindler’s hall trying to see who could shock the other the hardest. Sound effects: swish swish swish *SMACK* TZZZSSST (that’s the shock, it’s big) owwwwwwwww.

  2. Deb

    Yeah, do remember when we made Ana mad? Sorry Ana, I still feel bad about that one.

  3. just me - MOM

    Well Debra, you do have a shocking personallity! (That being a good thing) About the pacemaker, I find that a little hard to laugh at seeing how hearts are extremely important and I guess I really do not need to go there. You’re the best!

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