On Sunday, my small group at church was talking about hope. The definition of hope we were discussing ran along the lines of Being Sure of something. Confident that it will happen. Not having fear or doubt that what you “hope” for (yes, I just used the word in the definition) will take place.

When we were discussing this in regards to the Christian faith, I made a comment that yeah, I totally agree with this definition of hope. Not “I hope it snows this winter” but I Have Hope that I will go to Heaven when I die. Hope that one day I will see Christ. (if You are reading this and you do not believe God exists, that the Bible is Truth, or that Jesus is Gods son sent to save humanity, then undoubtedly these two statements sound the same).

This Hope is a wonderful thing. I have very poor health and have often thought that I probably will not live to be super old. I find that I can talk pretty candidly about the possibility of dieing. When I do, everyone (including on Sunday) looks at me like I am crazy. Not really, I think I have just come to terms with the fact that Hope is all we have. (in Life, in death, in every moment). Everything in the world could turn upside down tomorrow, and what would I have, I would have my Hope in Christ.

Some would say (probably those who do not agree with my Hope in Christ) why then continue living each day? Recently I have been experiencing an overwhelming sense of Joy, Love, and Peace, with life itself. Each moment in time has so much potential and so much importance, why would you want to walk away from these daily gifts God gives?

Anyway, I don’t think discussing death is morbid or forbidden. Just as we live, we shall one day die. (Hey, just thought of something. Maybe because the definition of Hope has change through the years, I should start replacing it with “shall”) Why not discuss what happens next or why death is a necessity? Yeah, it is sad. Very sad. BUT, if you have Hope in Christ, the sadness does not last forever, Joy comes in the morning.

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  1. Gordon

    Joy does come in the morning, from matter of fact hope. Proof? We are writing about it. Remember the “PH Factor”…..God’s promises bring Hope.Philippians 1:20-23Gordon

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