I finally finished Anna Karenina. A difficult read, but a good one. Turns out I already knew what happened to Anna. I heard someone on a TV show talking about a Tolstoy book, about a girl, and about a particular outcome of that book. Anna Karenina ended up being the book they were discussing.

There are two opposite characters. They both pursue life passionately, but in different directions. The first character sees the world in full color, everything is alive, Love is everywhere. BUT, this character chooses to live for them self. Due to their selfish, self serving choices, the world they once viewed with some much brightness and joy slowly down spins into a world without any meaning at all.

The second character starts out in a very gray world. This character thinks too hard, reasons too much and cannot come to any conclusion on why life contains meaning. This character, though in a theological/philosophical haze, chooses to serve others. They live for the gain of others and as the book continues, this character’s world becomes one of joy and color full of Deep meaning. Also important to this character is trying to understand why people of faith can walk away from reason, yet still find meaning in life.

If you have not read the book, I recommend it.



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2 responses to “Tolstoy

  1. Crystal

    Good wisdom Debra, a life lived for one’s self will only become empty and meaningless but a life lived in service to others (service to God first and as a result service to people) brings joy and meaning. I think I’ll get a t-shirt that says that 🙂 but maybe it is too long I’ll just shorten it down to “Where’s my cottage?”

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