Today is a Fantastic day!

Why? Hockey of Course!!!! Today is the beginning of the NHL season. GO OILERS!!!

I missed hockey so much last year. We even had it as a Praise during small group on Sunday.

Yesterday I was so excited for the season, I got out my hockey stick and I had to try really hard not to get out my skates. And on Saturday, Edmonton is playing Vancouver, so I am pretty sure it will be on TV here (we get CBC west coast edition here).

I don’t know if I will be able to watch, but I am trying to figure out all the games that will be on while I am at work and so I can listen to 630 CHED via internet.


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2 responses to “Today is a Fantastic day!

  1. Gordon Howe To Get Games

    Anyway you can help me get the Red Wing games?Dad

  2. Deb

    Try the following Link: then select the correct game/team “Listen Now!” optionMake sure to add these as favorites

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