Soundtrack to Debra's Life

Does anyone else ever wish that they had their own soundtrack?

There are a handful of songs out there that every time I hear them, I have to stop what I am doing and tune in. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, some make me think, some make me want to get up and dance.

They just stand out in my mind so clearly; I can actually picture what scene in the “Movie of Debra’s Life” they would play in. Some I hear and it takes me back to an exact moment in time that I have experienced. Some of them define a general time period in Life

Here is a small selection from the soundtrack to my life:

Dare you to move, You, Life & Love & Why, This is Your life, & Daisy (Switchfoot)
Dancing Queen, (As Done By Sixpence none the richer)
Kiss Me & There she Goes (Sixpence none the Richer)
Fly Me to the Moon (as done by the Peters Drurie Trio)
Hard Candy & American Girl (Counting Crows)
Vertigo, Mysterious Ways, & Beautiful Day (U2)
Politik, The Scientist, & Till Kingdom Come (Coldplay)
Drive & Wish You were Here (Incubus)
Let it All Out & Getting into You (relient K)

(other artists with Songs on this list…Greenday, Riley Armstrong, Michael W. Smith, Starfield, Michael Buble, Audio Adrenaline, Dale Nikkel, & Delirious just to name a few)

The play list has 53 songs in all, I am still working on it. I am trying to refine the list.
Regarding Switchfoot, Those listed are not even all of them. I cannot help myself, as I have never related to a band’s music & lyrics to this degree before. Its as if the create songs from my thoughts.

What would be on your soundtrack?

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One response to “Soundtrack to Debra's Life

  1. Gordon

    Say Debra, I do not believe I have ever listened to any of the 53 minutes. How about pulling a few out for me to listen to, atleast the ones I might enjoy.gordon

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