Day 1 in Chi town

We flew out of Seattle around 12:30 pm.

Once we got to Chicago, we had to sit in the plane while the Paramedics came to help one of our fellow passengers. I don’t think it was that big of an emergency, because we saw them latter in the airport terminal. Goal one of the day, Get to Chicago.

As we got off the plane this guy said “Hey Wheaton” (I was wearing my Wheaton sweatshirt). He wanted me to get his luggage out of the overhead bin. During the flight this guy & another guy (his “friend”) were quite odd. Goal two, Get away from these guys.

Goal three, get to our hotel in one piece with our luggage. This actually turned out to be quite simple. The shuttle to the hotel was located right near where we got our luggage.

After leaving at 12:30 pm, a 3.5 hr flight, the 2 hr time change, and a ride to the hotel, we got to our room around 8:30.

We were very hungry, but it was dark, so we went to the restaurant/bar that was located in the hotel lobby. After telling the waiter that “No, we did not want to join the man at the bar who was inviting us to sit with him” we enjoyed a club sandwich and some really spicy buffalo wings.

While enjoying our food, we had the pleasure of watching the waiter run out the door to run down the street after a couple of people who left with out paying. He caught up to them. They came back and paid.
Then off to sleep it was for us. Wrapping up an eventful Day 1


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