Second Day in the Second City

Well, after the Sox, it really is not the Second City any more.

We started out the day by sleeping in (it is vacation after all). By the time we went outside, we were really hungry. The plan was to find a Starbucks to get something to eat.

This day was Friday, the day of the parade, but we thought it was too far away and decided to not go. As we were walking only a few blocks from our hotel, we noticed people in White Sox garb walking all in on direction.

We figured if they were walking to the parade, it must not be that far away. So we decided to hold off on Starbucks and follow the crowd. Smart Move. The parade ended up being only a couple of blocks from our hotel. It was packed. (1 million people we later heard) So fun! Tickertape everywhere. I ended up taking a whole roll of film. With my luck (and because I am short) it will most likely be 24 shots of the people in front of us. I simply raised my camera as high in the air as I could and clicked away. The man next to us was tall and had a digital camera. He and his wife were really nice. I gave him my e-mail and asked if it would not be too much trouble if he could e-mail the pictures to me. So far I have not received them.

At one point, a mailman had to get through the crowd. It was pretty funny.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the Magnificent Mile (A ton of stores and name brand shopping). In the evening we met up with one of my Roommate’s friends. After a late night out at a restaurant hanging out with him, we headed back to the hotel Extremely Tired. We walked a ton! Ending Day 2



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2 responses to “Second Day in the Second City

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    Wow, Deb, sounds like a great time! Glas you made it back safe.

  2. Crystal

    How fun! You should post some of your pictures when you get them…actually I would rather be sitting on your bed and looking at them with you 😦 You sure had a lot of guys hitting on you, that Wheaton sweater must be a definite attraction 🙂

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