Day 6, Goodbye Chicagoland

Our last day in Chicago was pretty uneventful. We got up around 10 am and packed. Off to our last breakfast at Starbucks. This would be the only time on the trip we repeated Starbucks locations. After getting back to the hotel, we just lounged around until 1 or so.

We checked out and then hung out in the lobby of the Hotel with our luggage, reading our books. Our ride to O’Hare was arraigned for 2:55, but it turned out that they came every 30 minutes, so we hopped on.

After touring the north side of the city on our way to the airport (we passed Moody Bible Institute and the infamous Caprini Greens – “Chicago’s Cabrini Green–with its 23 high rises and 7, 000 inhabitants–is one of the most notorious housing projects in the country. Gang warfare has made it an extremely dangerous place to live–one of the worst in the entire United States. In fact, the district surrounding Cabrini Green is said to have the highest concentration of police in the nation. “), we checked in our baggage and headed for security.

It took a bit of time to wait in the line, but eventually we got through and headed to find food. Our terminal was pretty boring, so we explored the other parts of the airport. After a snack of bagels, we headed back to where our plane would be bordered. One of my roommate’s co-workers/friends ended up being on our flight home. It turned out that our plane was pretty empty, so we worked it out to have an entire row to ourselves (all three of us sat together).

After a few rounds of an electronic 20 questions game (This little gadget asks 20 questions, then guesses what you were thinking. It is impressive how often it its right. Except for the time it guessed “bomb” when I was thinking of a “wardrobe”.)

After that, I cranked up the tunes in my ipod and stared out the window. The sky was dark by the time we took off, but I did have a great view of the Big dipper. It looked like it was eye level with me. And so ends the great Chicago adventure. Well, it does not really end here…to date, research has been done regarding working opportunities, housing arraignments, recruitment of additional friends to come along, and average weather.


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2 responses to “Day 6, Goodbye Chicagoland

  1. Chuck

    And for the love of Pete find a better coffee shop than Starbucks! It shouldn’t be hard!

  2. Deb

    I really like Starbucks!

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