My Kind of Day 5 in My Kind of Town

We got up at 5:30 am. SUPER early! Off to Wheaton we went. To get there we had to walk down to the Metra train station to catch the train. Once we got to the train station and bought our tickets, we had an hour to kill. What did we do? You guessed it headed to a fourth Starbucks (I did not mention the Starbucks we stopped at on the magnificent mile, day 2) for breakfast.

The train was a nice ride. We each got our own bench and window. The further we went from the City, the more beautiful it became. The large oak trees with all of the leaves turning orange and red was amazing.

We got off the train in Wheaton and walked along the Illinois State Prairie Path to the campus. After checking in, my roommate headed for the library, where I believe she hung out most of the morning.

I attended a class, spoke with an admissions councilor (since I have already applied & been accepted most of the conversation was concerning housing and job opportunities) then off to lunch with a professor. I had lunch with Dr. Timothy Larsen, the Coordinator of the General History of Christianity program. Very interesting lunch.

After that, I met up with my roomie and we went to the Billy Graham Museum. All I can say is “WOW!” Defiantly check it out next time you are in Chicago.

Our next stop was the Wade center, where Wheaton College has a small museum honoring 7 British Authors, 2 of which are J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis. We saw some of Tolkien’s letters, Both authors’ desks. AND CS Lewis’ Wardrobe. Lewis had many wardrobes through out his life, but it is rumored that this particular wardrobe, one long owned by Lewis’ family, was the inspiration of his famous story. The College follows legal requirements with a little notice on the inside of the wardrobe “Wheaton College is not responsible for any individuals who may disappear into the wardrobe.”

After this, we walked around a few blocks of Wheaton and headed home. Another 40 minute train ride and we were back in the city. As this was Halloween, we figured it would be best to get to our hotel before it got dark. We ordered Pizza Hut through the room service for dinner, and ended our day.

This day was important for several reasons. Not only was it wonderful to check out the college, it also provided encouragement and weight behind the “Talking My Roommate into Moving to Chicago” Project. Mission almost accomplished πŸ™‚

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