Go Eskies!!!!

On Sunday, The Edmonton Eskimos will play the Montreal Allouettes in the 2005 Grey cup (CFL Championship game) in Vancouver BC.

Go Eskies!



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3 responses to “Go Eskies!!!!

  1. Crystal

    hey, watching the game right now…I have to say I think Edmonton is going to win for 2 reasons1) Edmonton is cool and 2) Because it is halftime and they are ahead by 9That means winning in my books. The Eskie coach was an insurance broker and this is his first year coaching….that’s weird. I learned that during the pre-show 🙂

  2. Crystal

    just commenting on my own comment (that’s kind of narcisstic, eh?) But did you see the game? As far as sports go that was a pretty good game, the last 5 minutes and OT were probably the best. I guess I am an Eskie fan now 🙂

  3. Deb

    No, I did not see the game. The Seattle Seahawks also played on Sunday. They too won in overtime. Hear the Eskies game was awesome though.

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