Saw RENT this evening (one day earlier than expected)…..Hard to say what I thought….

What I liked:

*The harmonies in the music were incredible!
*The idea of “No Day But Today” Live life to the fullest each day. Who knows what tomorrow will be so Do the most with today.
*The true friendship displayed in the characters. they stuck it out even during the really hard times. They were there for each other.

I did not like the mixed messages the movie sent. On one hand, accepting people who are different from your self is a good thing. On the other hand, to go so far as to encourage moral relativism, not a good thing. Every one draws a line in the sand somewhere. (even the bohemian/artists in the movie draw a line with their own acceptance of culture around them. i.e. disliking the lifestyle of their parents. Referring to joining corporate America as “selling out”)

Because of this moral relativism, I dislike many of the characters lifestyle choices.

AIDS is presented in the film as a huge problem. To see some of the characters dieing of AIDS is heartbreaking. But at the same time, due to the storyline, I found it hard to sympathies with characters that made poor choices, thus becoming involved in activities that lead to being HIV positive (i.e. drug use).

All in all, I enjoyed the film mostly as a result of the music. I often wish life was a musical. BUT, because I was uncomfortable with some of the character’s relationships & actions, I cannot say I would recommend this film.

A parting thought….Movie theme…No day but today. BUT, to live this way, and to live it in a selfish manner will ultimately be one’s demise. You still need purpose. Life cannot be about one purposeless adventure after another. There has to be an end goal. And not a self-serving one.

Perhaps Pride & Prejudice tomorrow.


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One response to “RENT

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    Life as a musical – I totally agree.What would be on the soundtrack of your life?

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