Pride & Prejudice


This has been my favorite so far of the Three movies in November. A little hard to understand in some spots due to fast talking and British accents. A basic understanding of the plot before watching the movie is helpful. BUT wow! Well done.

Great musical score (will probably pick this one up at some point).

I love Jane Austin’s witty and no-nonsense heroines. (When this comes out on DVD, I will purchase it along with Emma and Sense & Sensibility)

Some lines in the movie made the entire audience laugh out loud. As did the antics of supporting characters of Mr. & Mrs. Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett in this film is played spectacularly by Keira Knightly. The Gentleman playing Mr. Darcy could have been better, but he was adequate.

The actors playing the important characters of Jane Bennett & Charles Bingley were fabulous as well. How could one not love Mr. Bingley’s devotion for Miss. Bennett.

In summary, a well done, condensed version of a classic story. It has a few rough spots, but in the end, a quite enjoyable movie set in timelessly romantic, Victorian England.


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