We might get snow tonight. A whole 0-3 inches. Would you believe that some school districts have already cancelled or delayed school for tomorrow? For all my Canadian friends who are laughing their heads off….Two things in our defense:

1. The snow is different here then in, say, Edmonton. Wetter, Slicker. (true story)

2. Hills. Yeah, Hills. On my way to work, I have a hill that goes an entire mile at about a 30degree angle. That is pretty steep. So much so, I usually take a different road to get down the same hill, even on non slick days. The hill I drive on is longer, but not as steep.

3. I just thought of this one. We do not have a well organized system to keeping the roads clear of ice & snow.

To have the temp right at freezing is worse then to have it super cold. Right at freezing allows the road snow to melt, refreeze, melt, refreeze over and over again creating a more dangerous road condition.

Hope my drive to work is not too long.


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One response to “Snow!?!?!?!?

  1. Crystal

    I hope you got home safe! It snowed here too. Edmontonians don’t panic at snow…we cuss. Just kidding, it was so beautiful, all the white snow and city lights. I had to come home and turn on my Christmas music. I agree with you about Puyallup’s hills though, you have a lot more than we do. I think we have one 🙂

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