The Sound of Music

I just got back from seeing the Sound of Music. I loved it!!!!

My favorite song, “I have confidence” was slightly shorter than the movie version, but still well done.

I have always wanted to be Maria (as some of you know and have even seen my “Maria” costume for the freshman connection a few years ago).

Check that off my life goal list. One down, one to go. (Fiddler on the roof)

I think I will listen to the sound of music tonight while I go to sleep.
Got to go, there is a West Wing Wedding tonight as well as Survivor finale. GO STEPH!

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One response to “The Sound of Music

  1. Crystal

    I remember your Maria costume, you made a very fitting Maria. Wasn’t I a snowflake? No, wait I think I was ‘silver white winter that melts into spring’….yeah, let’s not re-live that :)About Survivor, sorry Steph lost. But she lied…and so did Danni…and everybody else. I didn’t watch Survivor much this season but tonight I was cheering for Rafe, I don’t know why. I guess because he seemed an unlikely winner.

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