Fire Drill!!!!

Actually, this was not a drill.

Last night when I was on my computer about 9:30, our fire alarms started going off. (VERY Loud!) At first, I thought it was the batteries. So I was trying to change them.

Then I thought the sound was just in my head (a bad headache or something). It was so loud I felt like I could not think straight. I ran outside only to smell smoke in the air. I could hear that the alarms in the entire building were going off. THEN I saw the smoke coming from the apartment next door.

I ran inside and said in the calmest way possible “RACHEL, GET OUT NOW.” “This is real” “GET OUT.” I ran in my room grabbed my purse, passport, and savings bonds. Put on my shoes and went outside. I could see the evening news already (in my mind). I was thankful that I had just gotten new renters insurance.

Turns out, the “smoke” I saw was a combination of fog and steam from our dryer, but the fire alarm was real. One of the units in our building (there are 12 units total) had an issue with their stove. It must have been bad because they ran out side and pulled the fire alarm. The fire truck came and everything. Our neighbor told us that they had smoke in their apartment.

We went back inside because the firemen seemed to have everything under control and had finally turned off the obnoxious (though be it good) alarms. By that point, we could smell the smoke too from the vents. I sat and watch tv a little then went to bed.

This morning, our neighbors had an old range sitting on there patio.



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3 responses to “Fire Drill!!!!

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    Nothing like a little fire to add excitement to life.Glad everything turned out okay. 🙂

  2. just me

    WoW Debra! I just read about your little fire adventure. Nothing like excitement.

  3. Mitchell Scott

    How exciting! The hotel that my dad was staying at in Illinois caught on fire a few weeks ago and he was on the news!

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