Music & color

Tomorrow we are singing some Christmas carols during the worship service. I love to sing harmony, but the hymn book was too clunky to set on the music stand. Plus on some of the songs it had alternate verses than what we are singing.

SO, I just created a word document that had a music staff and the words all spaced out by syllable. Then I printed it and drew in the notes. It took longer than expected (3 hours), but it was fun to do.

I also went and got my hair trimmed & foiled today. It is now a nice mix of reddish brown, blond, & my natural color. I really like it.



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6 responses to “Music & color

  1. Crystal

    your hair sounds very lovely 🙂 Yay for Christmas carols, eh? This morning we did only Christmas carols in church but they did them with all the guitars and drums, so they weren’t as hymn-y. I really liked it. You’re hardcore writing out all the notes. You should get bonus worship team points 🙂

  2. sauerkraut81

    You should post a pic of your sounds-rawkin new ‘do!

  3. Deb

    I thought about posting a picture it, but first I must borrow a digital camera.Our christmas carols were with guitar & drums too. So much better then stuffy hymns!

  4. Deb

    I have no idea why there is a random “it” in the above post

  5. just me

    Hey Debra, You looked smashing, absolutly smashing. It was a joy to watch as you helped lead in worship. You did a great job!

  6. Mitchell Scott

    It was great being at church last Sunday.

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