I have the flu :(

I was achy all weekend, but I thought it was just sore muscles from work on Friday. We had moved a lot of files and I had stood hunched over is a small storage room during the day.

Because I did not really think I was sick, I carried on with Christmas weekend. Then Monday I was feeling even worse. Checked my temp. 101.5 I stayed home from work today and now feel a bit better. Still a little achy & cold, but my headache has eased a bit.

Hope tonight’s sleep will be the last think I need to kick this sickness.



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2 responses to “I have the flu :(

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    😦 Feel better soon.I’m praying for you.- Erika

  2. Crystal

    having the flu is yucky 😦 Make sure you drink lots of water! Water, sleep and chicken noodle soup can fix anything…well almost anything 🙂

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