fun with fafsa!

So this Saturday is New Years Eve. Because I have been sick, I am not planning on going anywhere to ring in the New Year. Instead, I will be a home and at 12:01 and 1 second on 1/1/2006, I will be online filling out the fafsa.

I will be going to grad school this fall, so I need to fill out the fafsa (Free Application for Federal Student Aid…. Why isn’t it called the faffsa?). This cannot be done until Jan 1. I already finished filling out the form for my taxes (yeah for refunds!) this evening. Next on the docket for tonight will be the fafsa worksheet. Then come the New Year, and I will be ready… Hey, I wonder if I on the west coast can fill it out on line once the east coast changes to 2006. Guess I will have to check at 9:01 on 12/31/05.

Good think I have no money; maybe I can actually get some aid this time around.

Hey I just glanced at a couple of questions…Yeah for a negative net worth!



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2 responses to “fun with fafsa!

  1. Anon E Mouse

    Yay for being poor!! It makes getting into debt so much easier 😉 But seriously I am happy that you might get some of the money from the government. Yay for Federal aid! Happy New Year!

  2. Crystal

    oops, sorry Debra that was me, Crystal. I didn’t even look who I was posting as! I am not a psycho-stalker-spam-blogger, I am just using somebody else’s computer 🙂

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