Come Sweet Dreams

It is 10 at night, and I am unable to sleep.

I have to get up earlier then my body or mind wish too. Every so often, I try to get to sleep early, as I unsuccessfully attempted this evening. I am a night owl. Naturally, my brain does its best work late, thus preventing me from falling asleep. Even though it knows the morning is fast approaching, my mind often refuses to give in to the greatly needed sleep.

Too many thoughts in my head. Today, fortunately for me, they are nothing of consequence. But even still, they keep me awake. Maybe staring at this screen will finally push my exhausted eyes over the limit and my mind will have to relinquish its grasp on today.

Alas, they are now heavy, pleading to be allowed to close. Off I travel to the land of dreams.


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6 responses to “Come Sweet Dreams

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    I had the same problem last night. I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 am or so. 🙂

  2. Lance

    Your problem is you went to bed too soon! I went to bed after you wrote this and I am two hours ahead of you! 🙂 You big Bro!

  3. Crystal

    Embrace your inner owl, stay up late and wake up tired 🙂 I heard that humans are the only mammal that sleeps when they aren’t tired and wakes up when they are still tired. That reminds me of a song I’ve heard before….here’s a shout out to my fellow Canadian Riley Armstrong “Sleep, no I never get enough…”

  4. Katie

    You are such a great writer Deb! I love even reading about your insomnia.Katie

  5. Deb

    Lance, you need to go to sleep earlier! or maybe it is too warm to sleep there…and it’s only january.

  6. Deb

    thanks for all of the encouraging words about my writing (both in this comment section and those who told me in “real life”). I kind of like what I wrote, but maybe a few too many comments….One day there will be a book. I am already writing down my brainstorms for it.

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