You would think…

You would think that Washington could deal with some rain, but no.

We are on our 24th consecutive day of rain. 33 days is the record set back in 1953 and it looks like there might be a good chance of breaking that.

It has rained 11.77 inches in the past 24 days and all of that water is really starting to add up. Flooding, mudslides, falling trees, roads washing away, and sinkholes are now a daily problem.

Yesterday, on my way home, I had to drive through two areas of water covering the roadway. There was now way to turn around because before you got to the water over the roadway, the two-lane road was to narrow to turn on. To go off of it at all meant to go in the ditch full of water. Today, that road was closed.

I commented at work today that it is a good thing it is in the form of rain and not snow. It would be Around 120 inches of snow, 10 feet.



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3 responses to “You would think…

  1. just me

    WOW! That would be a lot of snow. I’ve had to drive through some water as well and it is always a little scary when you hit a hidden pot-hole. Today wasn’t quite so bad as most of the water on Canyon is starting to drain. 24 days, not sure I want to see the record broken.

  2. Deb

    25 days now 🙂

  3. Mitchell Scott

    Wow that is a lot of rain. It never rains here!

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