Late night thoughts

Don’t know how many people are into poetry at all, but the following two poems have really spoken to me in recent days.

Sometimes when I read something, it stays with me. Thinking about it occupies my mind during the day and often, when the world is quieter, late at night. Maybe that’s why I am a night owl.

Anyway, here are the two poems that have been renting space & time in my head and my heart. Two different lines intersecting at the same point.

Given to Give

Your sword
Your bow
Your shield
Naught I want

Your sharp tongue
Your mind of wit
Your pen
Useful, but no

Your paint
The color you see
The song you sing
Beauty, but no

None of this I want
I give it all
What do I want?
The one thing you can give

All is given away to you
One thing remains to give back
What do I want?
Your Heart

Reason is Why

The world’s upside down;
Doesn’t make any sense at all.
Why is up upside down;
And how is it that a square can be round?

Reason is Why
Maybe you think too hard;
Maybe its not suppose to make sense.
Who ever said the world is built on logic?

More Questions than answers;
You’ll never figure it out.
If A equals B, than
Who said B equals anything?
Perhaps B doesn’t exist.
Who made the rules?
And if there are rules, they don’t make sense.

One thing I know is some things are more important
Than Reason…Why
Reason isn’t all answers
Some things require belief



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2 responses to “Late night thoughts

  1. sauerkraut81

    um, authors? or are these yours?

  2. Deb

    The author is anonymous

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