More pictures

Here are a couple of other things I made that I have hanging in my bathroom. They are from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

The first is a calligraphy piece of some of the most famous lines from the book. His words, my attempt at “artistic” representation of them.

The second is map of Middle Earth. This map is a copy of the official map that was created for the movie. I drew it, but I simply re-drew the picture to the best of my ability. Neither the layout of the land, nor the artistry of it are my ideas. Those belong to Mr. Tolkien & Daniel Reeve (the official The Lord of the Rings movie calligrapher & cartographer)

Finally, Go Seahawks!!!!!



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2 responses to “More pictures

  1. Lauren

    Really great! I like the crinkles in the map.

  2. Crystal

    I like them very much Debra! Everytime I read/hear those lines from LOTR I get shivers. Your representation does the quote justice!

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