It is crazy here. Everywhere you go…Seattle Seahawks. Stores are selling out of all the NFC championship t-shirts. The printing company was putting out 800 an hour, but had to stop because they ran out of blank t-shirts. Everywhere you listen, tv, radio, regular day people, the internet. Everyone can’t stop saying things like “Seattle Seahawks are Superbowl bound” People still can’t believe it.



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3 responses to “Seriously

  1. Katie

    Deb- I completely expected you to have something to say about West Wing being Cancelled!! We are sad here. We have finally watched the first two seasons that you gave us and are on the third season now. What are we going to do when we are done with season three? Save up the 50 bucks to buy season four! Sad it’s only going to be Seven seasons, but it’s probably better that it end with Bartlett.Katie

  2. Deb

    Yes. I am sad to hear it is going to end. This season (season 7) does not compare to the quality of the begining, so I was not that suprised by the news, but still disapointed. Hey, make sure to let me know if you buy season 4 so I don’t get it for you next christmas 🙂 I am really glad to hear you are now on to Season 3, one of the best years.(lack of commenting on the cancellation is mostly do to lack of time)

  3. Mitchell Scott

    Wow. There is no Seahawks stuff here… just Steelers. GRRRR. At school though this Friday it is special Seahawks day; you can wear a bunch of Seahawks stuff.

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