Lack of Creativity

Here it is Saturday evening and I am a little bored. Didn’t do much today, other than the laundry. Watched a bit of TV, did a little reading, took a nap. Not feeling very creative this week. For a while on Wed, I toyed with the idea of creating my own line of office supplies.

This week I learned that the word “Tele” is Greek and means “far” which is why it is used in words such as, telegraph, telephone, television, and teleprompter. I really like that with the world teleprompter. It is someone out there who is “prompting” from afar, by use of computer and a little screen. If you type your own stuff, I guess you are also Prompting from afar in both space & time. Hopefully knowing the definition of Tele will be useful someday in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

I heard that the annual Valentines Talent Show/Desert Extravaganza that the church youth put on each year has a 50’s theme. Those in attendance are supposed to dress in outfits from the era. Fortunately for me, when I was in, oh probably 9 or 10th grade, there was a similar youth event. So I happen to have a home made poodle skirt. (Those other three out there who also made theirs the same night I did, one who I know occasionally reads this, I still laugh at our 4 seemed skirts.) I remember trying it on last year, and I thought I ripped a hole in it. I tried it on again this week and to my delight, no hole can be found and it still fits!

Now all I need are some Keds and a blue scarf to tie in my hair. I am actually looking forward to the event. Last year I did not attend because I figured it would be annoying to go by myself, but this year I will probably go anyway.

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  1. Katie

    I still have mine somewhere. I remember sitting in my parents’ living room sewing on the floor. Good times.

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