My Hair Dryer Broke

Yep, just bought a new one. This morning while I was getting ready for church, my hair dryer stopped working properly. Good thing it was right at the end of drying my hair for today. It still blows out air, but it should be 3 different options on temperature, cool, warm & hot. Now they are all cool.

So this afternoon, I stopped by the store. I ended up buying the exact same kind. Since it was less then 20 dollars, it could last as long as the old one did and still be worth the price. I think I had the old one about 2 – 2.5 years or so. Not quite sure.

I also purchased some shoes for the Valentine Sock Hop. yes, shoes for a Sock Hop. Last night after blogging, I did discover a hole in my skirt, but it is on one of the seems and it should be pretty easy to fix. Now all I need is a scarf for my hair.

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