The State of the Union is Strong

Listened to the State of the Union tonight. Cracked me up!

It was as close as American politics ever gets to being as entertaining as the British House of Commons. Different sides of the isle standing and cheering at different points in the speech. You could almost hear the groans and boos seep into the mix as well. Especially when the President commented that Congress did not pass his measures on social security.

It was almost as good as an Oscar winning Motion Picture (which, by the way I have seen none of those nominated for best picture today). It made me laugh; it made me cry; it made me frown; it made me applaud. I liked the President’s joke about he and President Clinton being his dad’s two favorite baby boomers.

I cried at a handful of points when the Troops were mentioned, especially when the President read from a letter of a fallen soldier and then that soldier’s wife and parents stood.

On nights like tonight, I am even more proud to be an American. Whether I agree or not with what the President said, I am proud that I live in a country where individuals on polar opposite sides of issues can come together in the same room in Peace.

I am proud that the systems set in place so long ago can be the moving force of today’s actions. Actions like the confirmation of a new Supreme court Justice. Again, disagreement, discussions, decision, all while peace is maintained.

I am proud of our history, through good and bad moments. The US of A has been established on great traditions. Maybe our leaders no longer speak with such eloquence as Lincoln did. Maybe we do not write treasured documents as Jefferson penned. All the same, we continue building, we move forward, and we live with prosperity at a moment in time that presents opportunities exceeding any our forefathers could have dreamed. What we do with this moment will define us and the generations who follow.

I enjoyed time well spent in Canada with good people and dear friends. But it is nights like tonight that if you cut me open, I know I would bleed Red, White, and Blue.

And on that note, I will end by nicely adding, Canada, your going down in Torino. Four year has been too long to wait for Hockey gold.


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  1. Just me

    Nicely said. You amaze me. Way to go!

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