Possible Power Problems Pending

This evening, Western Washington is supposed to be hit with a fairly large winter storm. Sustained wind of 40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph. The ground is already saturated with water and this storm will certainly bring more rain.

The result, many trees down. Fir trees have a very shallow root system. If the ground is very wet, it does not take much to completely up-root an entire tree, pushing it over as simple as knocking over a standing domino. Result of falling trees, widespread power outages.

Of all the weekends, Super bowl weekend. The hope is that the storm will move in tonight & tomorrow morning, giving the power & cable companies all day Saturday for cleanup.

According to the news, the power & cable companies are already standing by to fix any problems. My plan should the tv not work during the super bowl, my dad has a hand crank/solar radio.


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