Life is Beautiful

I was chatting just the other day with a friend about hope. I can’t even quite describe what a powerful thing Hope is. In some regards, it may be more powerful than love. If someone feels completely un-loved, yet maintains Hope, they will be able to survive that day.

I just finished watching “Live is Beautiful” and again, I am reflecting on the possibilities that exist when Hope is present. Small actions, a handful of words, a song, all saying don’t give up. There are better things to come.

Life is Beautiful. Sometimes bittersweet. But Hope, what would we do with out it? Probably only taste bitterness.

Such a valuable thing Hope is, couldn’t buy it with a billion dollars. Not even with a google.


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2 responses to “Life is Beautiful

  1. Gordon

    Some see hope as expectations potentially being met. My hope is a “matter of fact” type of hope in Jesus Christ. GB

  2. Deb

    I completely agree. See the post from Oct 3rd.

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