Let the Games Begin…

I am just about to go watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. I really like the Olympics. I think the winter Olympics are much more fun to watch than the summer ones, so I am really glad it is winter this time around.

After this, I have to wait 4 more years, and then Vancouver BC hosts them. Close to home, except I won’t live here then. Maybe I’ll have to come visit…

The sock hop dessert thing I was going to tomorrow was cancelled 😦
I am really bummed that I no longer have a reason to wear my poodle skirt. It was suggested to me that no one is stopping me from wearing the skirt tomorrow, but hanging out at my house with a poodle skirt on is just not the same. Next time. Now I have more time to put off fixing the hole.

What’s that? The games are about to begin, you say? The music is starting? All right, I’d best get going.

Everyone together now…. “What time is it? GAME TIME, HUH!”


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