Opening Ceremonies…What Opening Ceremonies?

Bailed on that pretty quick. After it took close to an hour to even begin, I got bored quick and started to flip through the channels.

To my surprise, I am so glad I did. Today on Larry King Live, it was an “exclusive” interview with one of my favorite musicians in the world. Michael W. Smith.

My first concert was on 9-19-93 and it was a MWS concert with DC talk opening during their “free at last” days. The first cassette tapes I owned, MWS tapes. (Got to love “Project”) First CDs, where his. I have a book of sheet music for some of his songs. I had a stuffed animal I named MWS (I won it the day of that first concert). The best two Christmas cds of all time, his. Did at least two art projects in Jr. High where it focused on MWS in some way or another. I used to be in the know regarding all things MWS (the W stands for Whitaker)

It seemed as if Smitty knew I was watching. He mentioned Switchfoot, U2, & Seattle all within about 5 minutes of each other. Said Bono told him he should run for office.

He has a movie opening this next Friday “Second Chance.” His favorite song that he wrote, “all is well” a Christmas classic in my family.

In all, it was a refreshing interview to see. He was very well spoken. It was the first time in a long time that I have watched a Christian speak on national television that didn’t get hung up on words, divisions, and negative issues. Well done.

All that is left now is for me to find where his movie will be playing in the area and off I go.



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2 responses to “Opening Ceremonies…What Opening Ceremonies?

  1. Mitchell Scott

    I liked all of the 70’s music in the opening ceremonies. Made me laugh.

  2. Deb

    I liked the change from red to blue, signifying the change from summer to winter olympics.

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