Music & Color

Did you ever see Fantasia? I did, in the theater when it was re-released.

Often when I am listening to music, I close my eyes (not when I am driving) and picture “fantasia-esq” visual accompaniment to the music. It can be what I would imagine as the music video for that song, random color, or even cartoons that match the music.

As most of you probably know, when you listen to music on the computer, you can turn on the “visualizer” and it plays color on your screen matched to the music.

itunes has a pretty good one and I have just spent over 30 minutes listening and watching this. Very Relaxing! Try it some time. Its kind of like watching a campfire.

I would have to say I like watching the Jazz songs best because there is such an obvious result when the horns or drums burst onto the screen.


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