Bit of a BLUSTERY day we are having

Usually when the news predicts a storm around here, it doesn’t happen or it is not as bad as they hype it to be. Then, when you least expect it, when the news people don’t tell you, you get a bit of a nasty storm blowing into town.

Due to some artic air coming in from Canada (thanks neighbors), we are getting some pretty cold temps. But even bigger than that is the wind. Some of the more recent gusts have been up to the 45 mph range, and that is even after it has started to die down.

Currently, the fence next to my apartment building has blown down. It is one of those chain link kind with the green vertical strips in it. A long section has blown off the vertical poles and even some of the horizontal poles that run along the top of the fence have blown off.

Good thing we have power because my broiled chicken dinner sure tastes good.



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2 responses to “Bit of a BLUSTERY day we are having

  1. Mitchell Scott

    We regularly get gusts of 80mph in our neighbourhood.

  2. Deb

    Wow! That is some hardcore wind. Right up there with Hurricane strength.

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