So its a little cold here…

and it is bumming me out.

The low tonight is supposed to be around 13 degrees and it has not gotten this cold here in over a decade.

Actually, I like the cold crisp night. I love walking outside in the morning and breathing in the cool air. I love it when it is so cold it almost seems like there is a blue tint to the world. It’s cold enough to wear my mittens and pull out my favorite toque (Canadian word for winter hat & pronounced as “too- k”).

Why is it bumming me out then? Well, it makes me miss my friends in Edmonton. (one who’s birthday was today) It makes me miss the times we went ice-skating outside on a crisp evening such as this.

Good thing for me I will probably be able to visit for a short bit (a day & a half) in a couple months.

And with that said, you have now read my 100th post.


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