Nice View

These are a couple of pictures from my parent’s new house. They are both from the porch.

Basically the same picture, but the second one is zoomed in on just Mt. Rainier.

As you can see, there is currently a lot of snow on the mountain, due to recent weather.
This beautiful sleeping giant stands 14,410 feet above sea level and is considered to be an active volcano. Active because it last erupted around 1840. The valley below has a warning system to alert the community to a Lahar (mud flow). The hope is that people would have 20-30 minutes to run up the hill. The last time they did a drill, I could not hear the siren, so I did my civic duty & alerted the city that one of their sirens in not working.

In fact, I think there is a TV show on the weather channel in about 10 minutes regarding Mt. Rainier called “It Could Happen Tomorrow”.

Fun fact of the day: The Mountain (as we affectionately call it) need not erupt to create destruction; it only needs to heat up. If the snow & ice melts at a quick rate, it will mix with the mud & rock of the mountain thus resulting in a major lahar.



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3 responses to “Nice View

  1. Mitchell Scott

    Those are beautiful pictures. I miss Mt Ranier so much! Pikes Peak here is just a glorified pile of dirt.

  2. Just ME

    Hey Debra,Those are awesome pictures! Thanks for posting them.

  3. Gordon

    Mitch,You make me laugh. I have never seen the words “glorified pile of dirt” all in the same sentence.

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