Blog communities: the real deal?

Yesterday & today I discovered some old college buddies’ blogs over on xanga. I love Blogs!!! It is impossible to stay in touch with everyone, but blogging allows us to be at least updated about what’s going on in old friends/relatives/loved ones’ lives.

Perhaps it could be argued that blogs are so impersonal.
Perhaps it could be argued that reading blogs is being nosey.
Perhaps it could be argued (this being the best argument of all) that blogging is replacing real community and friendship with psuedo-community. You don’t have to be all in. You can just blog or comment or read when you want. You can choose to check out of the community and be “virtually” un-noticed for any amount of time you want. There is no true commitment required, unlike face-to-face friendships.

At the same time, to blog, is to be allowed to say and express what you really think and feel. If you talk to someone in person, they are obligated to listen. If people want to read your blog, great, there is no obligation. They can comment only if they choose too, no obligation to give a response. No fake “um-hm.”
Perhaps this fuels an environment for more honesty.



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4 responses to “Blog communities: the real deal?

  1. The Mad Dreamer

    Um-hmm. ;)Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Chuck

    Yes, but how did the Americans do in hockey this year? I don’t quite remember hearing anything about them…at all.

  3. Deb

    Chuck, you are right. My teams did terrible. Congrats to the Canadian Women & their gold medal. Too bad for your men though, I was rooting for them. Guess they needed the looney in the ice.Lets see…4 years…2010…Canada is the host country. I probably won’t live around here anymore, my my roomate & I are already scheming on how we are going to get tickets to at least one event. Vancouver is only 3 hours away. It would be pretty rad. I am guessing Hockey will be too expensive to attend.

  4. Gordon

    I read your blog. Didn’t feel obligated. No one held a gun to my head. I’m sorry, what did you say? The radio was on.

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