I am trying to find housing now for when I move to Chicago. It is kind of hard. Looking through a site the college provided. Reading a few sentences. They all look the same.

And, its still 5 months away, so its not like I can rent anything right now anyway.



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4 responses to “Housing

  1. Sarah

    Whoa, back that train up. You’re moving to Chicago? Whaaaaaaaat? You’re doing your MA at Wheaton I gather? Totally unrelated to this post…Blogging communities are entirely as real, if not more so, than friendships outside of the net. Sure you aren’t face to face, but 9 times out of 10 (I’d argue) using the net as a medium for communication allows a greater amount of honesty because it’s perceived as impersonal. How’s that for a paradox. And blogs make it easier to keep up with friends – you get a personal and real flavour that you otherwise wouldn’t via email.

  2. Deb

    Yep, Moving to chi town to go to Wheaton. MA in General History of Chistianity.I agree, blogs are often more personal and “real” than e-mail. Other than just the posts, some make their blogs match their personalites in color & appearence.Sarah, you are the most super-duper-blogger I know. xanga & blogspot!?!?!

  3. Lance

    Is this Sarah Guthrie??I agree with Sarah! What cool way to get to know my Sister! :-)Deb. Check out our blog today! Funny story about Lindsay!

  4. Deb

    Nope, not sarah guthrie.

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