Crazy week!

Ok, so Wednesday I got the stomach flu so I stayed home from work. I have not felt like that since about 5th grade!

Then Thursday, I had a doc appt in Seattle, so I did not go into work. This appointment was with the cardiologist. I had some heart stuff checked out, & they made me wear a heart monitor for 24 hrs (boy that tape is itchy!). They think everything is fine, which is great.

But its a big bummer that I will have less hours on my time card this time around.

I am worn out from such an odd week, and I think still feeling the affects of barely eating on Wednesday, so this evening I think I will just lay low.

I was dreading going to the Library this evening, but my book is due today. Then, thanks to the wonderful internet, I realized I can renew it online. Whoo Hoo! Done!
Hey, I just noticed that my library card does not expire until 1/31/2106. I think that will be just long enough….


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