Sense & Sensibility

I am again attempting to read Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen. I have started the book on at least two previous occasions, but each time, I read to about page 50 before stopping. Though I really like the book, it is not an “easy” read for me, so my eyes and mind grow tired. I usually end up taking a nap. To take a nap, one needs to set the book down. Unfortunately for this book, each previous attempt at reading and subsequent nap has resulted in my setting the book down and not picking it up again for months.

Well, this time it is different!!! I started reading again today and can proudly say I have made it to page 100.

I find that I really like Jane Austen novels, or at least I think I will once I actually finish one. I really like the movies I have seen based on her books. I appreciate her characters. She often writes of strong women. Even in their day where certain expectations and propriety must be followed, Austen uses her characters to show that strength of character, intelligence, and being true to ones self is imperative. Though her heroines may not be the prettiest, chase after the men as their peers do, or waste their time away as society expects them, their “outlandish and progressive” actions are far more respectable in the reader’s eyes.

Today I went to the store in search of the new version of Pride & Prejudice that came out on DVD this week. It was my intent to buy it, along with Sense & Sensibility and Emma. The store was sold out of Pride & Prejudice, but I purchased the other two. So in the middle of my reading the book, I also watched the movie this evening.

Now I must be off. I have a bit of reading to do before I fall asleep tonight.


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One response to “Sense & Sensibility

  1. Crystal

    sounds like a great day! Jane Austen makes a good read but you’re right, she definitely takes some brain power.

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