Got my new Toque

Tim is recovering nicely. “Slow & steady wins the race”

I got my Canadian toque today. I had it mailed to Tim a few weeks ago because they would not ship to the US of A. After living in Canada for 3 years, I had no clothing that said Canada at all. For the last few years I have been on the lookout for a nice hoody.

When the Olympics came around this year, I decided I really like the white toques the Canadian team had. The one with the red maple leaves and red strips. I look forward to wearing it in Chicago.

Got to have coffee with an old school friend today. It was great to be able to catch up. I have a few more individuals that I would love to spend some time with. It seems like one visit a day or two visits a day is working out nicely. Plus it is a chance for me to escape the hospital for a while.

I think my goal for tomorrow will be to eat a bit more food. I tend to lose my appetite when I travel.

And tonight, more time for reading Pride & Prejudice. After reading Emma, I did not think Pride & Prejudice could top it. Now however, I understand why it is the “masterpiece.”


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