In Edmonton

Life is crazy here. Keep praying for my Brother. He is doing good. Still very serious, but the most recent news is positive. Check out the updates on

While here, I have been able to connect with a few friends so far. It has been great to catch up, as well as feel loved that they too are concerned about my bro.

Yesterday, one of my friends is a med student at the U of A. so I got a little tour of the place. We stopped by her locker so she get her stethoscope and listen to my heart. She wanted to know if she could hear my murmur. After she listened a while, she handed it off to me. I don’t remember actually listening to my heart before.

Then the funniest thing happened. My heart “skipped a beat”. Doctors have been listening for years to try and hear it do this. Couple weeks ago I even carried around a monitor to try and record my heartbeat when it does this. Though the monitor did get some good recordings, I don’t’ think a single doctor has ever been listening to my heart when it beats irregular. Then with in a moment or two of listening, I got to hear it. Pretty crazy!!!! My friend the med student also was heard it while she was listening. Unbelievable.



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3 responses to “In Edmonton

  1. Anonymous

    Debra thanks for the update – I keep checking the tim blog but nothing since yesterday – I did try that number a couple of times -now I know why no one answered. Keeping you all in my prayers – give your mom a big hug from me. Love you guys – Aunt Chris

  2. Nichole Gruber

    Hey – glad you made it up there. 🙂 And happy that you are able to see some friends too. Give you mom and dad hugs from me too… if you want to venture outside your bubble that is. 🙂 Funny. Love ya, Nichole

  3. Deb

    I will give my mom & dad big hugs from you both! We look forward to seeing Lance Tomorrow as well.

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