Goal Met

I met my goal of eating more today. A friend of mine & Tim’s brought us a BBQ chicken lunch. It was excellent.

This evening we just finished up a lasagna dinner.

And tomorrow morning, I am going to breakfast with a couple of friends.

Now off I go to cheer on Gonzaga!


Filed under food, friends, sports

2 responses to “Goal Met

  1. Nichole

    Does this mean Tim ate the BBQ chicken lunch?? That would be a good sign. πŸ™‚ I’m still at work.. church. Crazy! Love ya, Nichole

  2. Deb

    He actually did eat just a little bit. They are not really restricting his diet. I imagine he has a pretty sore throat from the earlier tubes that were going down it.What….Your still at work at 9 pm!?!?! That is crazy!

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