Back Home

I just got home from Edmonton. Since we were flying standby, there was only one seat available, so Brent said I could take it. Thanks Brent!!!!

Tim was discharged from the hospital today. He and my mom are now waiting for when my dad can drive up there and pick them up. (Tim can’t fly due to the pressure on his head it would cause)

I am totally exhausted from a week of sitting around at the U of A hospital. I will probably get dinner, watch a movie, tape the newest West Wing, which will be airing on Bravo, and go to bed. I missed last week’s West Wing 😦

Hmmm…Now what should I eat for dinner?


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3 responses to “Back Home

  1. Katie

    I watched a little of last night’s episode just to see what they were going to do with John Spencer being gone. With out giving anything away I was a little dissapointed, but I think I understand where they are going with it and so I look forward to it.

  2. The Mad Dreamer

    I’m so glad Tim is doing better and that you made it home okay.*hugs* Miss you.

  3. Deb

    Everyone, I ended up eating Brats…Tasty! and a lovely baby spinach salad with a ton of veggies. Just thought I’d let ya know.mad dreamer, Sorry time in Edmonton was short. I would love to see you and the House I read so much about.Katie, I tend to be dissapointed with lots of things in the recent seasons. Just not like they used to be. I guess it is good the show is ending before it completely goes down the tube.

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