West Wing Watcher Welcomes you.

It has been pretty busy the last few days at work. Typically when you leave town for a week, you know you are going to be gone and prepare for it in advance. This time around, I had no advance warning; so catching back up has been harder than normal.

After tomorrow, I only have 17 weeks left of work. Wow! Time is going fast.

Oh, and the other day, West Wing was not on Bravo as I expected so now I have missed the most recent 2 episodes. The finale is May 14, so there must only be about 6 left.

My parents & brother should now be on their way home from Edmonton. I have a theory that because I posted comments on the “pray for Tim” blog and signed in as myself, I may have more readers of my blog now. If you are a new reader, a Hardy Hello to you!

If you are a new reader because you were on the blog regarding my brother, an even Hardier Thank you for your prayers for him!



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2 responses to “West Wing Watcher Welcomes you.

  1. Tyler F. Williams

    Hi Debra!

  2. Deb

    Hello! Welcome to my blog. Not nearly as fancy or informative as yours, but its still my little spot on the world wide web.It was good to see ya up in edmonton. My family is pretty excited to head back up in a few weeks for grad.

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