Retirement…40 years and counting…

Don’t you get to retire at around age 65? Well this week I took the first step to having money when I retire, by starting a retirement fund. Yeah, which means that now I am broke. That’s ok though because now I won’t feel like I am behind the eight ball. I always hear people say, “Start saving when you are young!” Even though I am still relatively young, I was starting to feel guilty that I was going to miss out on my opportunity to start my “nest egg” early.

My roomie & I were laughing because I still have some dental work that I need to get done. My thing is “I don’t have any money to pay for it” but at least come old age I will have money to pay for dentures. Just kidding!!!! I will get the dental work done this year too.

Other than that, I now have more info from Wheaton so I can start figuring out what it will cost to go to school. I got a small grant, which is super cool. I also qualified for work-study, so I can get a job on campus and get paid by the government. Sweet eh?

Dude! It certainly takes a long time to attach files to e-mails when you have dial up. I am only staying up to finish the e-mail and I thought I could blog while I wait. But now I have run out of things to blog about and it is still going….



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4 responses to “Retirement…40 years and counting…

  1. Lance

    Thanks for the email Deb! 🙂

  2. Deb

    No Prob. It only took about 10 minutes after I finished the post.

  3. Vicky McCauley

    Hi Debra–I discovered your blog while keeping up-to-date on Tim’s prayer needs. Glad to hear he’s doing better and everyone is back home.Once your life gets closer to normal, email me and we’ll get together and catch up! Or, just come visit me at work, since you know where that is 🙂 I work Tuesday through Saturday (which is why I wasn’t here when you came in).Vicky

  4. Gordon

    Way to think and plan for the future Debra. I’m proud of you.Dad

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