I got a lot done today.

After work, I drove to the library to drop off a book that was due. I also needed to check out the next book that my book club is reading, but there were not any copies available so I put one on hold.

Then I head over to a local haircut place and …you guessed it got my haircut. Just a trim, I am still trying to grow it out, but the split ends and uneven layers were getting annoying.

On the way home, I stopped at KFC to get dinner. I accidentally left the restaurant drive through without getting my drink. I thought something was wrong, but did not realize what I was missing until latter.

On the way home, I don’t know what was going on, but there were several ambulances & fire trucks driving on the road. They kept turning around and turning their sirens & lights on and off. It was very confusing.

This evening I even cleaned my bathroom and did the laundry (all except for one load). Felt good to get a lot done. I think I will finish filling out my financial aid stuff for Wheaton before I go to bed.

Tomorrow I will tackle the grocery store.



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8 responses to “Accomplishment

  1. Crystal

    Busy girl!! It must be that daylight savings thing…once you get an extra hour of sunshine, you can get a lot more done. 1,953 visitors? You are going to win Miss Popularity…I am tempeted to check your blog until I am visitor #2000 but I will save that for tomorrow 🙂

  2. Deb

    I know…Crazy!!! 1953!?!?! This morning at 7 am, there are now 2090. Is this a mistake? I cannot believe there were over 130 visitors overnight. unless it was all you :)I think my brothers blog is collecting more per day and will eventually pass me up.

  3. Katie

    Wow deb, before you added your comment, I was showing Lance how many hits you got over the short time since Crystal posted. Crazy! I am conviced that our hits are mostly us, checking to see if anyone is posting. I do it a lot!

  4. Deb

    I check mine a lot too! I always figure it is just me racking up the counter

  5. Lance

    I did not know this was a compitition! (SP) It is on! 🙂

  6. Deb

    Hey, hands down, you will win. Although, I would hope I get a bit of a bump in numbers after I move.

  7. Crystal

    waaahhh! I missed #2000 by 132 hits, do you realize that in less than 24 hours you got (pardon my keener) exactly 179 hits? And only 2 of those were mine. I have to apologize, I doubted your intense popularity and thought that I could check your blog now and still make it as #2000.You should sell advertising space on your blog to pay your way through school! Some kid from England made millions of dollars selling advertising space on his web-site. Or maybe you just want to make your blog a “pay-per-view” 🙂

  8. Just me

    Well, hey, maybe it;s that cute picture with the mona lisa smile!

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